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[Condor-users] Scheduling Policies


I have been studying grid technologies to try to find one that meets the requirements of the grid project my company intends to implement, but I'm still a newbie.

Condor seems to meet all requirements but I dont think it implements the scheduling policies the way I need. I want to know how easy is to define my scheduling policy on Condor, and if you can give me some directions on how to begin doing this. I need to implement a scheduling algorithm that makes the manager submit jobs for the executers only during a period of the day (e.g. after work 6pm to 7am), and implements priority based on user, user group and application -> Each user group must have one priority and each user must have their own priority. Applications must have priority. So, scheduling must be done taking into account these 3 priority attributes. Those policies cannot be implemented in the job, that is, we cannot give much power to the guy that will create jobs.

Thank you

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