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[Condor-users] Ditributed computing performance

Hi condor-users and developers,

I have a simple condor pool consists of 4 Linux machines. I am about to
evaluate this cluster of computers. So far, I've been able to test its
speedup, I simulate a single long-running job (it takes about a day to a
week to finish the jobs). I increase the number of machines (say from
single machine up to using 4 machines) used in simulating the program. SO
far so good. I am using programs/applications related in our field which
is High Energy Physics; we used SimTools which in turn used ROOT and
GEANT4 (URL's are www.root.cern.ch and www.geant4.cern.ch, respectively).

I've read "Distributed and Parallel Computing" book by Al-Rashini?, I'm
sorry if I did not get the correct title or the correct spelling of the
author. It talks about Response Time, Throughput, Network..., etc. Have
anyone tried the evaluation I am going to make? What are the appropriate
performance parameters that I am going to investigate and how should it be
done? I only have 4 machines. At first, I am only interested with speedup
and more on parallel computing, but since my study is on distributed
computing and is somehow differs from parallel computing, then I have to
investigate more to justify distributed HTC.

I thank you in advance. If you have further questions regarding the nature
of my study, feel free to ask me.