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[Condor-users] OS X dagMan submit problem "failed while reading from pipe"

$CondorVersion: 6.8.6 Sep 13 2007 $
$CondorPlatform: I386-OSX_10_4 $


  My OS X dagman submits fail instantly with this error,

	9/19 18:20:34 failed while reading from pipe.
	9/19 18:20:34 Read so far:
	9/19 18:20:34 ERROR: submit attempt failed
9/19 18:20:34 submit command was: condor_submit -a dag_node_name' '=' 'fireball_2-2 -a +DAGManJobId' '=' '85 -a DAGManJobId' '=' '85 -a submit_event_notes' '=' 'DAG' 'Node:' 'fireball_2-2 -a +DAGParentNodeNames' '=' '"" fireball_2-2.sub

Here is the dag file:

	JOB fireball_2-2 fireball_2-2.sub
	RETRY fireball_2-2 1

All condor submit folders & files & the executable are read/write/ executable by everyone.
The condor files are on the local drive of the Mac.

Issuing condor_submit on the individual .sub file works fine.

The same set of files work on the same Windows version of Condor.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance