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[Condor-users] Setting the master and startd for one job only


I would like to setup the condor worker node to run precisely one job and exit. For this to happen I got the receipt to start the condor_master in the foreground (-f option)
and also define the DAEMON_SHUTDOWN expressions as specified below

STARTD.DAEMON_SHUTDOWN = (Claimed && Idle && TotalTimeClaimedBusy > 0)
MASTER.DAEMON_SHUTDOWN = startd_exit_code == 99

I have tested the above setup using Condor v6.9.4 however I did not manage to make it operational the desired way. I am wondering whether any of you had a chance to exercise such a scenario and is willing to share his/her experience.

Thank you in advance for your replies,
Marian ZUREK

CERN, IT/GD, CH-1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland, tel. +41 22 76 74384