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[Condor-users] condor_rm not transfering the files back to submitter

   I am submitted a VM job. In my submit file I have specified following
parameter. After some time I remove the job by condor_rm <job.id>. The
files didn't get transfer back.
 when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT

lines from condor_shadow after condor_rm command.

18:44:59 (67.0) (32077): DCStartd::deactivateClaim: successfully sent
18:44:59 (67.0) (32077): Killed starter (fast) at <>
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): Inside RemoteResource::updateFromStarter()
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): Inside RemoteResource::resourceExit()
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): setting exit reason on grid3.pesgrid.wipro.com
to 107
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): Resource grid3.pesgrid.wipro.com changing state
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): Job 67.0 is being evicted
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): ZKM: setting default map to (null)
18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): Updating Job Queue:
SetAttribute(LastJobLeaseRenewal = 1228223738)
12/2 18:45:38 (67.0) (32077): **** condor_shadow (condor_SHADOW) EXITING
The condor_vacate command is working fine.

while doing condor_vacate command also the shadow log looks like this,

setting exit reason on grid3.pesgrid.wipro.com to 107

but the job was properly checkpoint and files are transferd back to
spool directory.

what is missing in my submit file. where to see?

Thanks in Advance


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