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[Condor-users] Parsing quoted arguments in Condor


We'd like to write a job description file for a Python script which takes arguments in the following way: exec.py -a a_value -b "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value". We call the quoted part as a module. And the module here has an option "-b_op1" and its value is "b_op1_value".

So the description file is:
executable = exec.py
arguments = "-a a_value -b '"b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value'""

This is equal to executing the following command: exec.py -a a_value -b "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value". However, the option "-b_opt1" is treated as the option to exec.py, instead of the module "b_mod".

But if I run "exec.py -a a_value -b "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value"" in the command mode, our script works fine.

Somehow, in the Shell created by Condor, the double-quote is not parsed correctly --- they are not being matched.

Does anyone know why?

--- Wei
Wei Wang
Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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