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[Condor-users] condor performance on quad core vs dual core machines


I have a performance question. Currently, I am using two clusters to execute my DAGs on.

On the first cluster, each machine has a two dual core CPU, whilst a machine on the second cluster has a two quad core CPU.

I run the same DAG on each cluster while there are equal number of cores available on both. For example, 8 unclaimed cores (2 machines) on cluster #1 and 8 unclaimed cores (1 machine) on cluster #2.

Interestingly, almost always I got better result on the dual core machines cluster!

These are the rest of particulars:

Cluster #1:

2 Dual Core
CPU: Xeon 3GHz
OS: Linux
Condor Version: 6.8.0
Platform: X86_64-LINUX_RHEL3
Globus version: 4.0.4

Cluster #2:

2 Quad Core
CPU: Xeon 3GHz
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1
OCS Version: Kusu 5 (build 1619)
Condor-version: 7.0.4
condor-platform: X86_64-LINUX_RHEL5
Globus version: 4.2.1


P.S. All the above said are with the assumption that condor uses multi cores not single core in case of their availability.