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Re: [Condor-users] Nodes blocked in 'Matched' state

I spotted this in the StartLog of the client:
DaemonCode: PERMISSION DENIED to unkown user from host <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1245> from command 442 (REQUEST_CLAIM), access level DAEMON
which is probably related to my error. Again, from what I looked up, this could be related to a missing or wrong credential, but I guess it is not the case here, 'condor_store_cred query' returns successfully on both server and clients.
2008/12/17 user790 user790 <user790@xxxxxxxxx>
I am new to Condor. I installed it without problems on two different computers running Windows XP. I intend to use it to run uninstrumented jobs in the vanilla universe. To test it I therefore wrote a simple batch file as a job that would wait for 30 seconds then print out stuff. My submission file looks like this:
executable = foo.bat
universe  = vanilla
log       = foo.log
output    = foo.out.$(Process)
error     = foo.error.$(Process)
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
queue 10
However, when submitting this, jobs remain idle. Unclaimed processors switch to "Matched" state for a minute or two, then switch back to unclaimed. I have read somewhere that this could happen when condor_store_cred add has not been run, but I have run it on both computers.
Any help deeply appreciated!