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Re: [Condor-users] condor_dagman -Condorlog in 7.2.0


Why that switch has gone away. Since CDF uses the dagman file named job.dag, a log file job.log is automatically created. I discovered this when testing 7.1.4 several weeks ago.

Marian Zvada and I reported this in a CDF development meeting a while back, there are other switches that will also have to change. (The CDF middleware (the submitter module) on fcdftest016 has the proper configuration).


Doug Benjamin

Dennis Box wrote:
Greetings all,

While testing 7.2.0, I discovered that the -Condorlog parameter to condor_dagman has disappeared. We use this parameter to create a log file which we find to be useful. I haven't been able to figure out from the new manual how to create this log file with 7.2.0, can someone suggest a workaround?

Thanks, and Happy New Year,


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