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Re: [Condor-users] incomplete udp for command 0 / command 2


Thank you all for your suggestions. I will upgrade one client to 6.8.8, set D_NETWORK on the other, and leave tcpdump running over the weekend.

Hopefully both will behave!


Rob de Graaf

Dan Bradley wrote:

Daniel Forrest wrote:

This is a problem with UDP under Windows, it considers a packet "sent"
when the sendto() call is made, not when the packet has actually hit
the wire.  So if sendto() is called too rapidly (e.g. when collector
update packets are split) you can lose the previous UDP packet if it
hasn't really been sent yet.

What we did was add "D_NETWORK" to the MASTER_DEBUG and STARTD_DEBUG
flags in the config file.  The added delay of logging the UDP packets
seems to be enough to keep this from happening.

You can alternatively use "UPDATE_COLLECTOR_WITH_TCP = True" and avoid
UDP entirely.

A patch for this problem that Dan Forrest is referring to was released in 6.8.7, but some mistake was made, because no note of this was made in the 6.8.7 version history.

Rob, can you please try 6.8.8 or 7.0.0 and see if this solves your problem?


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