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Re: [Condor-users] Trapping condor_rm's signal

condor_rm causes a "fast" shutdown of the job, which means it uses the untrappable SIGKILL. Unfortunately, remove_kill_sig, which allows you to specify an alternative to the default, is only currently implemented for the scheduler universe.

If you do condor_vacate_job first and then follow with condor_rm later, then you will get a graceful shutdown of the job, which is SIGTERM by default.


Mark Calleja wrote:

I need to trap whatever signal is generated by condor_rm, and having read the manual at:


it would seem that I should be able to trap SIGTERM by default, or make sure by setting "|kill_sig = |SIGTERM" in the submit script (this is a vanilla job under 6.8.8 on an i386 linux machine, kernel 2.6.18). However, a simple test with a signal handler in a bash script never traps SIGTERM when I perform condor_rm, whereas I can successfully trap it if I send it directly to the running process from the command line. What am I missing?


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