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[Condor-users] proper using of mp2script wrapper

Dear All,

Specially Dr. Mark Calleja, for his mp2script,


I am going to use some mp2scrip to running MPI on condor pool.

I have 2 quad-core, dedicated resource, called mpi0, and mpi1, which the first is also my scheduler. moreover I don’t use any share folder or ….

However I can run parallel jobs, but my mpi simple jobs doesn’t run.



I use from Mark Calleja's mp2script , and I am not sure whether am I using this file wrongly, or think there is an error in this script.  

In particular at the end of my error files you can see:




+ hostname=mpi0

+ pwd

+ currentDir=/home/condor/execute/dir_6717

+ whoami

+ user=condor

+ echo hellow.exe mpi0 4446 condor /home/condor/execute/dir_6717

+ /usr/local/condor/libexec/condor_chirp put -mode cwa - /home/condor/spool/cluster41.proc0.subproc0/contact

+ [ 0 -ne 0 ]

+ [ hellow.exe -eq 0 ]

[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number

+ EXECUTABLE=hellow.exe

+ shift

+ chmod +x hellow.exe

+ MPDIR=/usr/local/mpich2

+ PATH=/usr/local/mpich2/bin:.:/usr/local/condor/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin

+ export PATH

+ export SCRATCH_LOC=loclocloc

/home/condor/execute/dir_6717/condor_exec.exe: 39: cannot create ~/loclocloc: Directory nonexistent

+ echo /home/condor/execute/dir_6717

+ trap finalize TERM

+ [ hellow.exe -ne 0 ]

[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number

+ [ hellow.exe -eq 0 ]

[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number

+ exit 0





I don’t know what is loclocloc and also I am confusing about the meaning of  


[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number


I attached all of the related files, such as my c program and the correspond parts of all of my log files and etc.





P.S. you can find more detail in another subjects in this mailing list with title:

“mpich2 error " '.../condor_exec.exe'     witharguments hellow.exe: No such file or directory"


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