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Re: [Condor-users] mpich2 error " '.../condor_exec.exe' witharguments hellow.exe: No such file or directory"

For the record, we use dedicated users for each vm(pre 6.9)/slot(post 6.9), so for a four core machine with the default setting of four slots we'd have the following in that execute machine's condor_config.local (using 6.8 notation):

VM1_USER                   = condor_user1
VM2_USER                   = condor_user2
VM3_USER                   = condor_user3
VM4_USER                   = condor_user4

Each account has a home directory, like an ordinary user account.

Hope this helps,

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Ben Burnett wrote:
Hi Arash:

It may be that you are getting an error when the script tries to create the
loclocloc file in the current user's home directory.  If the job is run as
nobody, then there is no home directory (or, alternatively, may not have access
to it).  As for the "bad number" error, it seems that the script is comparing a
string "hellow.exe" to 0 using an arithmetic comparison, which is invalid.


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Dear All
I am so sorry about forgetting to attach related files.
It is all of the file

Best wish,
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witharguments hellow.exe: No such file or directory"

Thanks for your consideration,
I add this line but I get the same result.
Moreover I have another error in my configuration, I had called condor start
twice in my startup of Linux, after fixing that it seems that the job run, but I
have no output, and additionally I receive very similar error files.

Again , I attached all of the related files.

I think there is an error in Mark Calleja's mp2script, or I am using this file
wrongly. In particular at the end of my error files you can see:


+ hostname=mpi0
+ pwd
+ currentDir=/home/condor/execute/dir_6717
+ whoami
+ user=condor
+ echo hellow.exe mpi0 4446 condor /home/condor/execute/dir_6717 + /usr/local/condor/libexec/condor_chirp put -mode cwa -
+ [ 0 -ne 0 ]
+ [ hellow.exe -eq 0 ]
[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number
+ EXECUTABLE=hellow.exe
+ shift
+ chmod +x hellow.exe
+ MPDIR=/usr/local/mpich2
+ export PATH
+ export SCRATCH_LOC=loclocloc
/home/condor/execute/dir_6717/condor_exec.exe: 39: cannot create
~/loclocloc: Directory nonexistent
+ echo /home/condor/execute/dir_6717
+ trap finalize TERM
+ [ hellow.exe -ne 0 ]
[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number
+ [ hellow.exe -eq 0 ]
[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number
+ exit 0


I don't know what is loclocloc and also I am confusing about the meaning of

[: 1: hellow.exe: bad number

Again Thanks for your consideration,

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