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[Condor-users] Condor not vacating quad core machines

Hi All,

Thanks for your help with everything so far, a new question for you.

We are currently running RHEL 5 installations mixed with a few RHEL 4
boxes. We recently upgraded to Condor 7.0.0 after having run 6.9.x
series for a 14 months without problems.

Since upgrading we have noticed that jobs are not vacated from the
system when the interactive user logs in. The jobs just continue to
run. Occasionally one of the slots (boxes are quad core, so there are
four) will become Owner but the rest remain Claimed and Busy.

I was wondering whether you had any advice on how to investigate this
further, as I say, our previous installation worked pretty much
flawlessly so it seems odd to have a new problem like this.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated.

Si Hammond
High Performance Systems Group
University of Warwick