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Re: [Condor-users] Condor monitoring alternatives

Brent Strong <brs3567@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Ideally, we want a lightweight webpage that shows a list of machines  
> (by hostname, IP, whatever) that Condor is installed on and their  
> corresponding status (up and running condor, up but not running/ 
> responding to condor, down).  Combining the output of a ping test,  
> condor_status and a master list of machines, these states should be  
> easily determined.  My question is: has anyone done this?

Not connected with condor but working quite nice:

Andreas Hirczy <ahi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>                   http://itp.tugraz.at/~ahi/
Graz University of Technology                          phone: +43/316/873-81 90
Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics       fax: +43/316/873-86 78
Petersgasse 16, A-8010 Graz                           mobile: +43/664/859 23 57