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Re: [Condor-users] Machine name shows up as localhost.localdomain

> I did a fresh install. The hostname is set properly there.
> Other thoughts?

Check in /etc/hosts if your hostname is also listed on the line starting with If it is the case, then your real hostname will be "aliased" with
localhost.localdomain, and Condor will pick up the latter.

To correct this, we had to remove the real hostname from the line,
and after that, the real hostname showed up correctly in condor_status (after
restarting Condor). Make sure that you leave at least the "localhost" name on
the line, as removing it may get you some strange side-effects.

So far we had these issues only with Debian and its derivate distributions;
RedHat and SuSE seem to behave more correctly and won't put the real hostname
on the same line as localhost.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,