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Re: [Condor-users] Java in the local universe

Craig Bruce wrote:
Dear all,
I can successfully run jobs through the local and java universes. However,
I'd like to run a java task through the local universe. Listing two
universes, doesn't go down very well or does setting a jar as the

The manual or list archives don't reveal if this combination is possible.



AFAIK, combining the local and java universes is not directly supported. You could run your java job in the local universe by making the executable be java, arguments be -classpath <your jars> <your.main.classname>, and put your jars in the list of files to transfer. Oh, and you probably will want transfer_executable = false.

Or something similar to that. If you are not using any special features of the java universe there should be essentially no difference between what I described above and running in the java universe.