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Re: [Condor-users] Complex syntax for arguments

Hi John, 

Thanks for the powerpoint and extensive email! With a bit of trial and error
I've managed to find the right syntax:

arguments = "weka.classifiers.meta.Vote -t somefile.arff
-B 'weka.classifiers.meta.AdaBoostM1 -S 4' -B
'weka.classifiers.functions.SMO -K ""weka.classifiers.kernel""' "

-B ""weka.."" is ok if there are no whitespaces, if there are use

This isn't my choice of syntax, but that of a data mining program, weka.

Many thanks

On 15/2/08 19:50, "Kewley, J (John)" <j.kewley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [other longer email has more detail, but these points might
> clear any misunderstanding]
>> It seems there are two problems when I convert to using double quotes.
>> 1. You can not nest double quotes. (I tried triple/quadruple
>> double quotes too)
> double double quotes are what is required
>> 2. White spaces are not allowed inside double quotes (adding
>> single quote marks makes no difference).
> they are allowed, but they don't "group" args as you may require if
> passing 
> into a script.
> In another email you said:
>> ... ' "" "" ' and "" '' "", neither work.
> the second of these should probably be
> "''''"
> since singles must be doubled inside single quotes, according to the
> manual
> JK
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