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[Condor-users] Error "CEDAR:6001:Failed ......"

There are posts in the Condor-Users archive on the error "CEDAR:6001:Failed ....". However, the way I get this error is somewhat different. When there is no job running in the Condor pool, the commands "condor_q" and "condor_status" come back with the info we are supposed to see. When there is any job running, the "condor_status" command will give me the error "CEDAR:6001"Failed to connect to <xxx.x.x.xx:9618>, Error: Couldn't contact the condor_collector on xxx.xxxx.xx.xx. The "condor_q" command will show "-- Failed to fetch ads from : <xxx.x.xx.xxx:9683>: xxxxxx.xxx.xxx.xx, CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <xxx.x.xx.xxx:9683>.

Have anyone seen this before? Is it normal? We have HA setup for the Condor Master with 3 machines running condor_collector. Would that be the cause of the problem?


CD Poon.
RENCI, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill