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Re: [Condor-users] Ubuntu server 7.10 / condor

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Steve O'Hagan wrote:

Anyone got condor to work with Ubuntu 7.10?
Appeared to install but won't run - get missing libssp message, and
can't find package for libssp?!

It sounds like you're using the wrong binary package (perhaps you downloaded one of the Debian ones from the Condor website? That's certainly what I tried the first time) You might have more luck with the Red Hat Enterprise 3 package - I've been running 6.8.x on Gutsy without problems. I seem to recall seeing a message on the download page at one point along the lines of "for Ubuntu, download the RHEL3 package" but that seems to have gone from the Condor 7.0.0 download page...

(the origin of the problem is that Ubuntu uses a newer glibc which includes ssp rather than needing the external libssp, I believe)