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Re: [Condor-users] Running jobs as submitting user in Windows

Read the "Condor on Windows" presentation by Greg Quinn, available from the main condor website. It contains information on doing exactly what you want.

However, the password for each user will need to be stored on the execute machines. This means you either need to do a condor_store_cred for each user on every box that could run their jobs (and then do it all over again when they change their password), or run a credD so the users can just run the condor_store_cred command from their pc once (and whenever the change pass in the future) and then all execute machines can query the credD when needing to start a job as that user. Would be advisable to set up some security around the credD though (covered in the presentation as well).


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I'm new to Condor and am trying to set up a condor cluster in a windows-only environment. I am having problems with getting jobs to run as the user that submitted them. Users are member of a windows domain and need certain domain group memberships to be able to run their jobs (or vice versa :-). How do I configure condor to achieve this?


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