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[Condor-users] NETWORK_INTERFACE on Windows not working

Dear condor users,

I'm having some difficulty with my Windows network interface. Hoping you can offer some help.

I have two network interfaces on my windows machine: one is a private 10.*.*.* address, and the other is a public 134.*.*.* address.

In my config file I've set: 


This Windows machine joins the pool, but the class add StartdIpAddr for this machine (with condor_status -l |grep StartdIpAddr ), shows the address still advertised as the 10.*.*.*  and not the 134.*.*.* address.

According to this, NETWORK_INTERFACE should work, but this doesn't work for me. Is this a bug in Condor? Am I missing something ?   

From: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.8/3_7Networking.html#SECTION00472100000000000000:

"By default, Condor advertises the IP address of the network interface used to contact the collector, since this is the most likely to be accessible to other processes that query the same collector. The NETWORK_INTERFACE setting can still be used to specify the IP address Condor should advertise, even if BIND_ALL_INTERFACES is set to True. Therefore, some of the considerations described below regarding what interface should be used in various situations still apply when deciding what interface is to be advertised. "

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