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[Condor-users] evaluating classad expressions

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a way, as an admin, to evaluate classad expression from the command line.

In particular, we have some jobs that are reporting CPU times over 20 days, but which I'm certain have been killed due to externalities, and restarted. As such I'd like to know how long they have been running since the last time they've started: i.e. something like (this is likely not right)

    CurrentTime - JobCurrentStartDate

that would tell me, for all the jobs, what this value, call it "CurrentRunTime," is. I know that there's condor_config_val, but that just reports the unevaluated expressions.

Thanks for the input,

Robert E. Parrott, Ph.D. (Phys. '06)
Associate Director, Grid and
        Supercomputing Platforms
Project Manager, CrimsonGrid Initiative
Harvard University Sch. of Eng. and App. Sci.
Maxwell-Dworkin  211,
33 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138