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Re: [Condor-users] condor_q -analyze in remote pool

Hi Preston,

Fixing this bug was one of the last things I did before the hollidays! The fix will be released with 7.0.0, which should be "near the end of 2007" ;-)

You can work around the problem by doing something like this:

env _CONDOR_COLLECTOR_HOST=central-manager-with-windows-machines condor_q -analyze


Preston Smith wrote:

Trying to use condor_q -analyze against a flocked pool

  condor_q -analyze -pool central-manager-with-windows-machines

doesn't seem to work, reporting:
Error:  Could not get priorities from negotiator

Some googling makes me think this is a known "feature"?


Is this functionality on the drawing board?

Preston Smith    <psmith@xxxxxxxxxx>
Systems Research Engineer
Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Purdue University

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