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Re: [Condor-users] Core dumps from startd

This problem has been fixed in 6.8.8 (already released) and 7.0.0 (to be released in a day or two). It is indeed caused by the use of integrity checking and/or encryption.


Miskell, Craig wrote:
	I'm seeing core dumps from startd (once I made my log dirs
writable by root ;-)).  The stack traces out of gdb are all the same:
#0  0x0813c046 in WriteCoreDump ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0813c046 in WriteCoreDump ()
#1  0x0812d634 in linux_sig_coredump ()
#2  <signal handler called>
#3  0x081c35bd in _condorInMsg::peek ()
#4  0x081bbbc7 in SafeSock::peek ()
#5  0x081bc83c in SafeSock::isIncomingDataMD5ed ()
#6  0x08123c37 in DaemonCore::HandleReq ()
#7  0x0812392d in DaemonCore::HandleReq ()
#8  0x081233d1 in DaemonCore::Driver ()
#9  0x0812fcfe in main ()

The crashes are intermittent (per node), but a large job will trigger
off a deluge of them, which has the side-effect of hammering throughput
on our shorter running jobs, as startd dies, restarts, and jobs hang
around in limbo.  (I don't' think the scheduler does particularly well
out of this either, but that's speculation).

Does anyone want the actual core files to debug from?  If so, I'm happy
to send them off list (300K - 1.5M zipped).
Meanwhile, are there any suggestions to avoid whatever code-path is
causing this?  The isIncomingDataMD5ed makes me wonder about whether
is causative. Turning that on was a "belt-and-braces" approach when I
first configured our compute farm, and our network is secure enough to
turn it off for a while (at least for testing).  Any comments from those
who know the code as to whether this is likely to be successful?


Craig Miskell,
Technical Support,
AgResearch Invermay
03 489-9279
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