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[Condor-users] birdbath credential problem ? Jobs are in queue.

Hi friends


I have a  problem of using birdbath

My Condor is 6.8.7 and it is installed in WinXP

I have configured birdbath flowing











And it works. And I am sure my program can connect  with Collector over SOAP interface.

When I try to submit a job to the schedd with the flowing code

      String owner = System.getProperty(" user.name");

            UniverseType type = UniverseType. VANILLA;      

            String args = "";

            String cmd = "C:\\condor\\submit\\myjob.bat";

            String requirements = "TRUE";

          ClassAdStructAndStatus jobTemplate = schedd.createJobTemplate(clusterId, jobId, owner, type, cmd, args, requirements);


I have a file name myjob.bat located at C:\condor\submit


My job is still in a queue. It comes in to an idle state.


The ShadowLog is here

1/12 13:13:01 Using config source: C:\condor\condor_config

1/12 13:13:01 Using local config sources:

1/12 13:13:01    C:\condor/condor_config.local

1/12 13:13:01 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>

1/12 13:13:01 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 39.0

1/12 13:13:01 (39.0) (2932): ERROR: Could not locate valid credential for user 'Xabi@'

1/12 13:13:01 (39.0) (2932): init_user_ids() failed!

1/12 13:13:01 (39.0) (2932): ERROR "set_user_priv() failed!" at line 517 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\uids.C


The condor_store_cred query return the result

C:\Documents and Settings\Xabi>condor_store_cred query

Account: Xabi@CENTRAL


A credential is stored and is valid.



I'm on the bugs like that guy



Could u help me.Thanks a lot




Viet T Dinh
Researcher Assistant, High Performance Computing Center
Hanoi University of Technology

Mobile Tel : +84-91-7685081
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