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[Condor-users] Wrong hostname in Condor-G file staging


Condor-G (from a 6.7.18 installation) is misbehaving on a machine which has two IP addresses and two different hostnames. The internal hostname (not mapped in the global DNS) keeps appearing in the sourceUrl/destinationUrl fields of the SOAP message used to request file staging from WS-GRAM, causing the job to be held with the "Globus error: Staging error for RSL element fileStageIn" message.

How can we make Condor-G use the external hostname instead of the internal one? Am I right in assuming that the wrong hostname resolution is performed somewhere in the Condor implementation and not in the GAHP/Globus Java components (i.e., do they get the RSL with the resolved hostname from condor_schedd or how does it work)?

Best regards,
Jan Ploski