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[Condor-users] Cygwin, Perl and Condor 7.0.0


I manage a medium sized pool of Windows boxes that utilize Condor. I had hoped to use Cygwin to give easy access to a Unix-like environment and perl scripting within Condor. Prior to the 6.9 series however Condor would lose track of the processes generated by the Cygwin Perl script. It would then register the CPU busy and SUSPEND when in fact it was its own process creating the workload. With the new ProcD daemon this has partly been resolved in the sense that it can now see all the processes spawned by the perl script (which is called from a batch file). However, when the job is interrupted by user activity it does indeed suspend all 5 processes (1 CMD.exe for the batch file, 1 perl.exe, 2 x sh.exe and 1 myexec.exe, I assume the shells are for running the perl and executable) but immediately evicts upon suspension.

My question is are there limits on what suspension can do? Such as a maximum number of processes that can be suspended? I have no such issues when running a batch script to call the executable.