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Re: [Condor-users] starter write error

An update:

I think the error has something to do with the following settings:


I had originally uncommented them and set SHADOW_LAZY_QUEUE_UPDATE to TRUE. After commenting them out again and restarting the condor startd, the starter errors went away.


Michael Thomas wrote:
I just upgraded from condor 6.9.4 to condor 7.0.0 on our cluster. The contents of condor_config were virutally unchanged between the two installations. But now when a startd tries to start a job, it errors out with the error below. Any suggestions on what settings I might need to double-check to avoid this error?


1/30 10:55:18 Using config source: /home/condor/condor_config
1/30 10:55:18 Using local config sources:
1/30 10:55:18    /share/apps/condor/hosts/cithep150/condor_config.local
1/30 10:55:18 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
1/30 10:55:18 Done setting resource limits
1/30 10:55:18 Communicating with shadow <>
1/30 10:55:18 Submitting machine is "gatekeeper-0-2.local"
1/30 10:55:18 setting the orig job name in starter
1/30 10:55:18 setting the orig job iwd in starter
1/30 10:55:19 File transfer completed successfully.
1/30 10:55:20 Job 269357.0 set to execute immediately
1/30 10:55:20 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 269357.0
1/30 10:55:20 IWD: /state/partition1/tmp/cithep150/execute/dir_15247
1/30 10:55:20 Output file: /state/partition1/tmp/cithep150/execute/dir_15247/_condor_stdout 1/30 10:55:20 Error file: /state/partition1/tmp/cithep150/execute/dir_15247/_condor_stderr 1/30 10:55:20 ERROR "Assertion ERROR on (result)" at line 384 in file NTsenders.C 1/30 10:55:20 condor_write(): Socket closed when trying to write 184 bytes to <>, fd is 5
1/30 10:55:20 Buf::write(): condor_write() failed
1/30 10:55:20 ERROR "Assertion ERROR on (result)" at line 875 in file NTsenders.C


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