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[Condor-users] Dynamic Insertion of resource Class-Ads

Hello everybody,

I am a very bew to Condor, and have been a constant passive reader of the user-mailing list, trying to understand what all features it could provide and how to configure it for different resources. I am able to configure condor on using a 3 machine pool with one as the Central Manager. All the jobs submitted are  submitted to the Central Manager and then distributed from Central Manager for execution.  I am able to configure condor to run MPI jobs too over it.

However, the problem starts here, as the part of my Master's project I have to include a new factor in machines called as "Reliability" to all my machine resources. Now this factor will tell me how much is the machine reliable so that scheduler can take this in to account as the part of calculating RANK for each machine. This "Reliability" factor is just a general idea so that the scheduling could be perform in a better way, taking account of how machine will perform in future. The "Reliability" factor is the value we generate on the scale of 1-10 from 1 being the lowest and 10 being highly reliable. Now my problem is I can easily include this as a ClassAd _expression_ with a constant value in my local config file of all machines and then CONDOR can use it for calculating the RANK _expression_. However I would like the inclusion of this ClassAd as dynamic, i.e. the value of the "Reliability" factor should be entered dynamically through an output of a script, and then this should be taken in to account by Condor without restarting it, as I will do if I add the ClassAd in the config file.

It would be great if any help could be provided in this regard. I have even tried hawkeye which let me do all this using an addition of a module, but the problem with hawkeye was the module installation script is not working. So any information regarding this would be a great help for me.

Thank you,
Saurabh Agarwal,
Graduate Student - Computer Science,
Binghamton University.