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[Condor-users] Condor-C Detected Down Grid Resource [Sec=Unclassified]

I’m having trouble converting over to Condor-C, the manual instructions look simple enough but there doesn’t seem to be any tutorial or more in-depth how-to on the subject on the website anywhere.


I am trying to do this as we have laptop users who want to submit jobs to the pool and be able to take their laptop home at night and come back in the morning and receive results.

We have a linux pool of execute machines with a linux central manager.  Submit machines are all Windows.

I would like to submit to the central manager of the condor pool (erm-43880.yyy.zzz).


I have collector daemon running on submit and schedd running on remote central manager.


I have installed Condor as Personal pool on submit machines.


I have modified submit config with:



And added to central manager and execute machines:



Submit file:

universe = grid

Executable = hello


output = hello_output.txt

error = hello_error.txt

log = hello_log.txt

notification = never


grid_resource = condor erm-43880.yyy.zzz erm-43880.yyy.zzz

+remote_universe = vanilla

+remote_requirements = True

+remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"

+remote_whentotransferoutput = "ON_EXIT"




Job log contains:

000 (046.000.000) 06/03 13:30:46 Job submitted from host: <>


020 (046.000.000) 06/03 13:31:09 Detected Down Globus Resource

    RM-Contact: erm-43880


026 (046.000.000) 06/03 13:31:09 Detected Down Grid Resource

    GridResource: condor erm-43880 erm-43880


I can see the grid manager process and gahp and gahp_worker processes start up but the jobs just sit there idle.

Remote central manager logs contain no indication that a job is being submitted.


Can anyone please help? 


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