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[Condor-users] 3 questions for smp macro


I have 3 question when triing to make some rules to have condor be
more SMP aware:

1) to help debug the rules, is their a way to know the result of
evaluation of a command? Something like: condor_config_val -eval
MY_MACRO? Currently condor_config_val return the not evaluated macro
only to my knowledge.

My other two questions regard the STARTD_SLOT_EXPRS macro:
1) If I set "STARTD_SLOT_EXPRS = ImageSize", when I have 2 jobs
runnning I get strange result from condor_status.
If I do "condor_status -l hostname|grep ImageSize", I get:

ImageSize = 1588508
MonitorSelfImageSize = 30104.000000
slot1_ImageSize = 1588508
slot2_ImageSize = 1588508
ImageSize = 29500
MonitorSelfImageSize = 30104.000000
slot1_ImageSize = 0
slot2_ImageSize = 29500

As you see the value of slot1_ImageSize and slot2_ImageSize is not the
same for each slot. After some time their are updated correctly, but
for the macro I want to do, I would be better to have the same
information in each slot. Something like reading directly in the other
slot the current value of the variable.

2)I want to make something like "STARTD_SLOT_EXPRS = IOJob", where
IOJob is a macro defined in the submit file as "+IOJob = True"

I have done many test, and this don't seem possible. If I do


I have slotX_ImageSize that show with:

condor_status -l hostname|grep slot

when their is a job running. When their is no job running it is not
present. I taught that it would work the same way for user added
variable. Can someone confirm if this is the expected behavior or not.

thanks for your time

Frederic Bastien