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[Condor-users] Running Java program in vanilla universe

Hi, I have a script that I am submitting in vanilla universe to run a c program and a java program. But it seems like
condor cannot run the java program. My condor script file looks like this:

Universe = vanilla
Executable = test.sh
arguments = helloWorld
output = helloWorld.output
error = helloWorld.error
log = helloWorld.log
transfer_input_files = job.sh, helloWorld, IConstants.class, TestClient.class, ReadCheckpointFile.class
transfer_files = ALWAYS

Here, TestClient.class has the main method and the others are helping classes for the proper execution of TestClient. And helloWorld is the C executable.

 But it gets shadow exception saying the .class files are not getting transferred to condor's execution folder.
I have also tried with making a jar file and then transferring it. But then I get exception from condor in the .error file saying:
Warning: -jar command not found. Ignoring.. as in my test.sh script I have : java -jar rfs.jar command
to run a jar file that I am transferring with an added line:
jar_files = rfs.jar

I am not sure why the .class files are not being transferred. Perhaps condor cannot run java program in vanilla universe at all?
Or is there any limit to how many files condor can transfer or any limit to the total size of the input files to transfer ?

I have been struggling with it for more than a month... still have no clue.. could anyone please share some experience or ideas regarding
running java program in vanilla universe? Or anything that can help guide me?

Thank you.

Tanzima Zerin Islam
Graduate Student
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Purdue University