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Re: [Condor-users] collector memory leak / history truncation

Hi Doug,

I would very much like to collect more information about the memory leak in your environment.

Can you give an example of a condor_stats command where you see the problem?


Douglas Thain wrote:

We're seeing the following behavior in Condor 7.0.1 on X86-64-LINUX-RHEL3.

The collector appears to have a memory leak of some kind, as the
memory usage in top increases, reaching several GB over the course of
a day, so we have resorted to resetting the collector every night.

Also, condor_stats is observing the following unusual behavior.  If
one performs a query over several months of data, it initially returns
everything in that time range, but on subsequent queries, only returns
a small fraction at the end of the time range.  A bug in the history
caching code, perhaps?

Is anyone else seeing this behavior, and is there a recommended course
of action?

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