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[Condor-users] Getting Condor to observe slot limits?


I recently came across a very interesting condor-admin thread from a few years ago that raised the issue of having Condor enforce slot (then VM) limits:


Towards the end of that exchange, one of the Condor developers, in response to a user's comment that it would be useful for Condor to police these limits using setrlimit, writes:

"Agreed--I'm just trying hard to find a short-term solution that can hold you over while we improve things."

With no intention of putting anyone on the spot, can I ask whether this ever led to anything concrete? Speaking personally, I'd be very keen to see such a solution implemented since in our flocked environment the execute nodes cannot depend on cooperation from the submit hosts (e.g. using periodic removes) to perform the policing. I realise that one can go some way at achieving this using PREEMPT expressions, e.g. Todd's comments in https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2007-November/msg00156.shtml, but that doesn't seem to be able to discriminate between a heterogeneous set of slot definitions on a multi-processor machine, e.g. we allow some slots more resources than others. Also, it would be nice to be able to enforce all of the resources in a slot definition, e.g. disk usage.


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