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[Condor-users] Workflow portlet for executing jobs - example?


 I intend to develop a portlet which will allow to execute a workflow
 of jobs (not very complex needs, a simple DAG would be enough).
 However, at this point I am baffled by the huge number of options and
 combinations out there (Karajan, BPEL, Pegasus,...).

 I would like some simple and object oriented approach for my application, and I
 would be to use the Condor API (the WS Schedd API as oposed to command
 line tools like condor_submit_dag, my language of preference is Java).

 If anyone has implemented such a portlet, or a similar one, I'd be
 grateful to be sent a link to look at it. Suggestions on proven or
 likely-to-work approaches are also very welcome.

 Thank you for your help,