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Re: [Condor-users] Condor for Windows


I've included the submit file and the batch file.  The batch has a ipconfig / all that I've been using for testing.

Also for testing the one execute machine has stata installed in the stata10 directory and it defiantly checks this file as if I set it wrong I get a return in the error log.

Andrew Taylor

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> Hi
> I'm having some problems getting condor to run Stata, a 
> statistical package.  It has a command line function:
> wsestata -b do dofile.do

can you show us your submit file? If you show your values for
arguments, universe
and transfer settings for input files, etc that would help



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@echo off

echo Starting Stata

start /wait C:\stata10\wsestata.exe -b do example.do

echo Done, returning results!

ipconfig /all