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[Condor-users] Java Maximum Heap Size on Windows not 1906m

Hi All, 

I've been trying to add Java capability to my Windows execution nodes
and have run into a number of problems.  One such problem has to do with
the maximum heap size for the Sun JVM.  This is specified using the -Xmx
command line argument.  By default Condor attempts to set this to
something close to the full amount of memory on the system.  On any
modern system with 2GB or more of memory this is too much for Condor.
Section 3.13 ("Java Support Installation") of the Condor manual details
a means to fix the problem using Sun's documented maximum value of
1906MB. Unfortunately, this value is too large for 32 bit Windows.  I
found several articles suggesting the maximum realizable value for 32
bit Windows is around 1600MB.  Since some of the articles stated that
number varied depending on the state of the system and could be as low
as 1200MB, I settled on -Xmx1024m to be on the safe side.  This seems to
work reasonably well.

I just wanted to document this issue in case someone else runs into the