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[Condor-users] About getting the output files after job completion

 I have been trying to run a shell script say: job.sh and from this shell script I am running a simple helloWorld program that
prints 1-100. Now when my job completes I get all the outputs printed within the shellscript with
"echo" in my output file but the integers printed within the helloWorld program are not in that output file.
Could anybody shed somelight on what extra config parameter I should set in the condor submit file?
I am configuring it as:

Universe = vanilla
Executable = test.sh
arguments = helloWorld
output = helloWorld.output
error = helloWorld.error
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ALWAYS
Notification = ALWAYS
Notify_user = myself@xxxxxxxxxxxx

and inside the shell script I am writing:

setarch i386 -R ./helloWorld -_condor_D_ALL &
echo "Done!!"

In the helloWorld.output file, I am only getting:

But the stuffs printed in helloWorld file (I am using simple printf() by the way) are not in that output file.

-- Tan

Tanzima Zerin Islam
Graduate Student
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Purdue University