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[Condor-users] Problems with DAG


I am running into trouble while running a DAG with DAGs with condor version 7.0.1. When the DAG's are created one of the sub-DAGs is called "datafind.GRB060429_DATAFIND.dag". From this file another file called "datafind.GRB060429_DATAFIND.dag.condor.sub" is created by calling "condor_submit_dag" (so it is written in the latter file). This file (i.e. "datafind.GRB060429_DATAFIND.dag.condor.sub" which is attached) contains several arguments (which are arguments to the "condor_dagman" command), but for unknown reasons there are arguments not contained in the documentation of "condor_dagman", like the argument "AutoRescue".
Since this file is created by "condor_dagman" with obvious no arguments, how do these needless arguments get in? I cannot find them in the condor-configuration files nor in the environment variables anywhere. Is there some other way that arguments could get in?

Thanks for any help,