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[Condor-users] Help with condor_mail.exe on Windows

Title: Help with condor_mail.exe on Windows


I am trying to get the condor_mail executable send a confirmation email to users at the end of a job (mainly because there is no way of customizing the default email sent by Condor, and I want to be able to put specific info for each job/user).

So far, I wasnt able to successfully run the binary. It does not come with command-line help, and the manual does not contain any info on it. Google did not help either. A few attempts to mimic the mail UNIX command failed miserably ;-) [Yup, the machines are all running Windows]

The other options I have left is 1) Run a Python one liner, at the end of the job but that would mean installing Python on every machine on which Condor runs, or 2) write a tiny standalone exe that will have to be present on each machine. Using the condor_mail.exe is by far the best option since it is _already_ present by default on each machine

Any help on the correct syntax to get condor_mail work under Windows would be much appreciated.


Youcef Rahal.