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Re: [Condor-users] better-analyze not available?

Hi Rob,

Robert Rati wrote:
What platform of condor did you download/build?  RHEL5?
Yes, RHEL5.  I am running CentOS5.
better-analyze requires the new classad library, which is currently only supported on i386 and x86_64 architectures with glibc version 2.3. RHEL5 has glibc 2.5, so condor packages built on RHEL5 will not have -better-analyze support. If you install the RHEL3 build, you should have support for -better-analyze.
So you're saying I can download, compile, and install the RHEL3 version even though I'm running CentOS5 (RHEL5-equivalent)? Will this "cleanly" install over top of my current Condor installation, or will I have to manually backup and restore my configuration?

Are there any disadvantages of using the RHEL3 version instead of RHEL5?



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