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Re: [Condor-users] Help Confuse : Condor-G and Globus Job Type

Thank's for the answer.

i use  Globus 4.0.7 and Condor 7.0.1 also Condor-G from the Condor packet
for debian sarge (but i use debian lenny distribution)

>single - allocate a single slot on a single cluster node, run the job
>executable there
>multiple - allocate n slots, possibly on multiple cluster nodes, run an
>instance of the job executable in each slot
> mpi - like multiple, but the job executable is started with mpirun/mpiexec
> rather than directly
> condor - (I don't know, haven't used it myself)

i have open $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib/perl/Globus/GRAM/JobManager/condor.pm
and seems condor only support single, multiple, and condor job type.
here the perl script

114     if($description->jobtype() eq 'single' ||
115        $description->jobtype() eq 'multiple')
116     {
117         $universe = 'vanilla';
119         if ($description->jobtype() eq 'multiple'
120                 && ($description->count() > 1)) {
121             $multi_output = 1;
122         }
123     }
124     elsif($description->jobtype() eq 'condor')
125     {
126         $universe = 'standard'
127     }
128     else
129     {
130         return Globus::GRAM::Error::JOBTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED();
131     }

base on that script i can make a conclusion that :
1. when globus job type is single | multiple, condor use vanilla universe
2. when globus job type is condor, condor use standard universe
3. when globus job type is mpi or java, then it's undefined. Is that true
? But why i didn't get any error with this job type and job executed
normally like i execute the executable program with command "./test2" ? i
have set GRIDMANAGER_DEBUG = D_FULLDEBUG to get brief information.

> I'm not sure whether the globusrsl attribute is supported for GT4 hosts.
> You should use the globus_xml attribute, for example:
> globus_xml = <count>4</count><jobType>mpi</jobType>

when i change globusrsl= (jobtype=mpi)(count=4)
with globus_xml = <count>4</count><jobType>mpi</jobType>

I get the following error as i expected

5/8 14:58:40 [26056]    HoldReason = "Globus error: The jobType mpi
feature is not available on this resource."

because there is no mpi job spesification at condor.pm

> Basically, Condor-G acts as a WS-GRAM client and submits an XML document
> with the Globus job description. This XML document is interpreted on the
> Globus side by a "job manager", which is an adapter implemented in Perl,
> responsible for submitting the local job to the local scheduler and
> monitoring its progress afterwards. On the Condor-G side, you can specify
> an arbitrary fragment of XML to be appended to the XML job description
> (see below). It could be that the Condor job manager interprets some such
> extensions to map to Condor job types. The answer is in the condor.pm file
> where you can see how the local Condor job description is pieced together.

I don't know about perl programming at all. Is there any perl script that
can i use ? May be i can change it several to customize with my need. Or
you have suggestion what code sould i modify in condor.pm ? i want all
condor job (vanilla,java,parallel,and standard) are available through

> I've written up some explanations at
> https://bi.offis.de/wisent/tiki-index.php?page_ref_id=96

i have visited it before :)