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[Condor-users] Heterogeneous cluster : cygwin or virtual machine ?

Hi All.

I have to setup a condor cluster mixing windows and linux and I need your expertise to choose between cygwin or a virtual machine or any other suggestion.

Developpers will be working in unix and most available machines are windows ones. Ideally a single binary would work on all computers (they are all Intel machines). But this is only possible if we use a virtual machine to emulate linux on a windows machine. Or is it ? Is it stable ? Is it much slower ? Which vm is the most appropriate ? Colinux ? Virtual PC ? VMWare ? Trango ?

Another approach is to use cygwin. The same binary can't be used but if developpers can produce the cygwin binary on their unix machine by simply passing the appropriate flag to gcc, this would also be an interesting solution. But is there such a flag ? Googling and "maning" for it haven't been successful to me.

Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks all.