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[Condor-users] GCB issues

Hi, I'm using a GCB broker to set up a small Condor pool and I'm having
some issues making connections. The master node is a Linux machine, the
GCB broker is on another Linux machine. On the same machine with the GCB
broker, I'm running a Windows XP VM, with a coLinux VM running on that.
Condor is running on coLinux.

If I do host-only ("user mode" or "local mode") networking between the
host OS, and slirp (local only) networking on the coLinux VM, I have no
problem getting Condor on the coLinux VM to register through the GCB
Broker. However, if I bridge the connection to the WinXP VM, regardless
of what kind of networking I use for coLinux, it can't make a connection
to the GCB broker. With bridged WinXP, and still using slirp on coLinux,
it is able to start a connection but fails with the following error in
the GCB_BrokerLog:

[broker.C:464] Failed to read request on local command socket from

Where WINXPVMIP is the IP address of the WinXP VM. Using this same
setup, I am able to ping machines just fine, even outside the local
network (for instance, google.com).

I've been hitting my head on this wall for a few days now, so I figured
I'd throw it out to the list to see if anyone has any suggestions on how
to get this VM to connect to GCB and work with my Condor pool. GCB seems
to me like it's filled with black magic voodoo that sometimes works
wonderfully and other times, refuses to do anything. ;) Thanks in

Chris Guirl