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[Condor-users] condor 7.0.1 + fedora 8 + gethostbyname()

hello :-)

i'm trying to install condor 7.0.1 on fedora 8 with globus toolkit 4.0.6 and i keep getting this weird error msg

[root@mds sbin]# ./condor_master
ERROR "gethostbyname(mds.tech.pub.ro) failed, errno = 25" at line 187 in file my_hostname.C

which i also get when i try to run condor_configure or condor_install

etc/hosts/ looks like this:       localhost localhost.localdomain
#::1            localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6  mds.tech.pub.ro mds  portal.tech.pub.ro portal  info.tech.pub.ro info    c14.is.pub.ro silviup-laptop

and /etc/sysconfig/network looks like this


can anyone help me please?
thnk you :-)