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[Condor-users] startd priority and preemption

Hi Condor users,

It looks like the two options to set priorities are by user and by jobs on a given machine, right?... Since neither of those suit my needs, I was looking
at what people have done with the STARTD RANK, but now I've got a question regarding rank and preemption.  

Suppose the user is allowed to set the priorities for their job to, say, 'Urgent', 'High', 'Medium', 'Low'.

I was thinking I could write something like this in each of the StartD RANK expressions:

RANK = (TARGET.UserSetPriority =?= 'Urgent') * 100 + (TARGET.UserSetPriority =?= 'High') * 90 + etc. w/ Medium & Low at lower numbers
and then allow users to define UserSetPriority in their jobs (e.g. +UserSetPriority = 'Urgent')

I'm assuming that the RANK would allow the negotiator to pick the 'Urgent' job ahead of the 'High' job every time, but I'm not entirely sure
how to get preemption to work the way I'd want it to.

Optimally, I'd like to preempt jobs only if the Target is 'Urgent'.  I.e. if a Low job is running, I'd prefer that it doesn't get preempted by
another job unless that job is Urgent.  So, I guess I can't play with MaxJobRetirementTime.  Is there a way I can do that such that a High job
doesn't preempt a Low job but an Urgent job does?


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