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Re: [Condor-users] acceses to data files on shared drive

Hi Robert,

You can do this by running your executable within a batch
file that will first issue a NET USE statement to perform
the drive mapping. A minimal batch file to do this could
be as follows:

NET USE T: \\servername\sharedfolder
myprog.exe -i T:\shared\dir\datafile.txt

[You can try running NET USE /? to get the full list of
switches supported by the command (you'll most likely
need to use /USER:username combined with a password to
make this work with password-protected Windows shares).]

Once you've created a simple batch file, you'll also need
to modify your submit description file and pass that as
the argument to the 'executable' command, i.e.:

executable = RUNME.BAT

Hope this helps! :)

Andreas Roussos
Systems Administrator
Operating Systems Group
University College London

Robert Stones wrote:

Apologies new to using condor.

I wish to use condor that each computer node accesses the same data files on a shared drive e.g. T:/shared/dir/datafile.txt - condor is running on a cluster of PCs.

How can I submit jobs so that condor knows that it has to access files in the T:/shared/dir ?


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