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Re: [Condor-users] MW questions

Mohamed Salah Meddeb wrote:
Hi all,
I have an application that aims to encode raw video and should be run on condor environment the sendbox of jdl file contains these files:
    Seq.quv : sequence of raw video;
    H264 : executable of MPEG-4 compression algorithm;
Work.sh : script to manage the process
My project must respect the real time constraint (i.e. idle time equal to 0s), I was advised to deploy the application on Master worker Framework, but I need to know if it really resolve the problem of real time and how can I send others executable files to workers to perform the encoding -------------
thx MSM

While MW will give you much better average latency than plain Condor, MW sits on top of Condor, and can make no hard guarantees about latency or responsiveness. I would suggest that you carefully consider what your actual real-time requirements are, and measure systems against that goal.