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Re: [Condor-users] Allow only one user to submit jobs / Allow only jobs from one user to being executed in certain machines

On the 5 nodes owned by manolete do something like this in their config:

	START = Owner == "manolete"

If manolete doesn't want his nodes to go idle when he is not using them you could do something more like this instead:

	RANK = Owner == "manolete"



Sergio Garcia wrote:
Very long subject, isnt't it?
I have Condor running in 30 machines aprox without any restriction/permission, only priorities managed by Condor.

I need to add 5 more executing nodes, but I want them to execute only jobs submited by a user, called "manolete" (in example). This user, manolete, will use all nodes that remains unclaimed but anyone else will use "his" nodes.

How can I configure this scennario?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English!

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